Transformation Tools


ERP Solutions

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions play a key role in the digital transformation of an organization. 

We guide you to find the right solution based on your needs and assist you to configure/customize the solution to meet your unique requirements. 


Analytics Platforms

Today data is becoming the most important asset any organization would own. In such a context data driven decisions are crucial for the success of  any business. 

We help you pick your analytics platform from a range of available solutions or custom build to meet your specific needs. Be it a simple data visualization solution or a more complex big data solution, we got it all covered.


Workflow Management

Building flexibility in to your business process solutions is essential in the today's ever changing work environments. Incorporating a business process management solution enables the end users to configure workflows.

We can help you implement number of enterprise grade commercial and open source workflow management systems


Conversational Bots

Integrating a virtual assistant can respond to your customer queries during off hours.  

We offer an online chat solution based on Dialogflow and we can help you configure and fine tune the models for better outcomes. 


Process Automation

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) can help you reduce costs and eliminate errors during business process executions. 

We can help you adopt RPA solutions across your organizational verticals.