Startup Accelerator

You may be a tech startup pursuing a dream to build a great product. But did you know that almost 9 out of 10 startups fail within first few years? There are many factors contributing to the success of your business, but with limited resources and experience you can easily overlook some of the key success factors. 

Over the years we have carefully analyzed aspects that requires focus and designed an acceleration program which ensures positive results for your startup. 



Today data is becoming the most important asset any organization would own. In such a context data driven decisions are crucial for the success of  any business. 

We offer a fully hosted analytics platform architected around the concept of a data lake, which enables you to consolidate data from various sources, visualize and predict. 



Days of the gold watches are now history. Today the gig economy is dominating the job market and more and more jobs are being converted every single day.

At i2ent we are committed to facilitate giggers by providing them market place and professional development. 


Digital Entrepreneur

Online presence is vital for any business in the today's fast paced and extremely competitive market place. But lots of businesses don't know where to start.

Our Digital Entrepreneur program is designed for those aspiring businesses who plan to go digital. We analyze your unique requirements and empower you through online tools and digital marketing.