Digital Entrepreneurship

What does it mean for a business to establish digital presence?

i2ent offering


We offer a one stop solution for all your digital marketing needs. Our offerings include. 

Consultation on the Digital Marketing Strategy

This is usually the first stage in our engagement where we advice the customer on how to build the digital presence. It involves understanding unique selling points of the business and ensuring that the brand can standout in the competitive digital market place.

Mobile Responsive Website

• Based on i2ent standard web templates or custom designed

• Includes domain registration and renewal

• Creative design and content organization

• SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

• Updates based on client requirements (content or product details)

Storefront for your Business

if your business involves customers buying online, we can build a comprehensive storefront that covers the shopping cart, fulfilment (automated or manual), inventory management and payment gateway integration. 

Social Media Marketing

• Maintain your channels in Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

• Optimization of posts for better reach and discovery

• Launch advertising campaigns

• Moderation of comments and reviews

Performance Analysis

• Analysis of website traffic and conversion rates

• Analysis of social media campaigns, A/B testing and optimizations

• Ranking improvements through SEO, Google Ads etc. 

• Competitor analysis