Let us walk the journey with you



Let us walk the journey with you


We live in an age of information where technology is continuously transforming the way we do business. Understanding our customer and personalizing our offerings in the online marketplace is the key to success. Our ability to capture and analyze large amounts of data has opened up new opportunities in the digital economy.

Do you have what it takes to transform? We can help. At i2ent our passion is to help businesses to raise their game. 

Our COVID-19 Response


Is your business affected by COVID-19?

Wondering how to survive in these difficult times? Worried about business continuity?  Not sure what challenges would post COVID world present?

We are here to help! Reach out to us for free expert advise.



As the lockdown continues finding essentials can become an everyday challenge  with the suppliers operating with limited capacity. As a solution, we at i2ent have put together a directory of home delivery services. 

Who we are


We are a Digital Transformation Company

We are a group of passionate individuals, excited by the possibilities offered by the advancement of technology. We have years and years of experience behind us and we understand what it takes for businesses to be successful with technology. We are investing in Research and Development to explore the new innovations and constantly searching ways to inject this knowledge into businesses, accelerating growth and improving efficiency. 

Our biggest strength is our ability to deliver end to end solutions for your business. We provide many solutions and services across range of domains, that can truly transform your business. We believe in engaging in long term relationships, partnering with you on your journey and operating in the same "frequencies" as you do. This is the best form of business to business engagement and exactly what you would expect from Team i2ent.

What we offer


Technology Consultation

Technology is disrupting every business. It has redefined how people buy and sell. Technology can improve efficiency and increase visibility of your business. Artificial intelligence can predict the future of your business with amazing accuracy. It's time to transform or prepare to be left out.  

We help thriving business to leverage the power of technology through our consultation services. We analyze your maturity in the digital transformation journey and help you define your digital strategy. 

Get in touch with us for an in-depth analysis of your business. 


Transformative Solutions

Adopting software solutions can be an overwhelming process for businesses given the wide range of commercial and FOSS (free and open-source software) options available. We can help you choose the right solution and assist you in deployment and change management. 


Digital Marketing Services

With the advancement of information technology, the way people consume information has changed. People are increasingly moving towards digital channels not only to consume information but also to buy and sell. Therefore as a business your presence in digital channels is a key success factor. 

i2ent’s digital marketing strategy involves a data driven continuous optimization approach that can systematically improve your digital presence and help you take your products to the customers it was intended for 

Our Customers

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Colombo Tennis Academy
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